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Moroccan spices

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You cannot leave Morocco without some. Many spices have been imported to Morocco for thousands of years but there are some grown in Morocco, which you must take back with you. Saffron grown in Tiliounine is particulary wonderful.  The good Cumin grows in Sahara it is wildly...

Traditional Moroccan clothes

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The traditional dress for men and women is called a Djellaba; a long, loose, hooded garment with full sleeves. Djellabas can come in three styles: Arab (large, flowing garments), Berber (with straighter lines) and Pasha (a two-piece garment worn for special events). Arab me...

The Souks of Morocco

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The Souks of Morocco are a shoppers’ delight !  They vary in size and complexity depending on the city you are visiting; the best known ones are the Souks of Marrakesh and Fes/Fez.  There is nothing that you can not buy in the Souk. The sellers are gracious and shrewd after...

About Moroccan currency

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The Moroccan currency unit is the dirham. There are automatic banking machines throughout Morocco in the vast majority of cities and most towns and even in some sahara villages. Specific kind of credit cards, such as “Visa” and Master cards are accepted at most...
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Transportation in and to Morocco

We provide our clients convenient and comfortable means of transportation and experienced drivers that will fetch you from the arrival point, make your tour, and bring you back to the departure point with acceptable prices. Our goal is to help you to get t...