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Morocco For Travel company

Morocco for Travel is a tour operator in Morocco. The company’s aim is to bring about innovation and revolution for the widely prevailing travel routines in the Moroccan tourism industry. Our vision is based on the key principles of professionalism primarily commitment, flexibility and innovation, client-benefit and mutual respect.

Morocco for Travel offers competitive and tempting travel packages including a wide variety of tours throughout Morocco from the costs to the deep Sahara. We organize both tailored and group travels to the top imperial and costal sites, historical monuments, Berber villages and Kasbahs in the Sahara and Atlas mountains.

Our tours can be both personalized or shared. In case our clients aim for shared tours, we offer two options; you may choose your companions, or we will bring the group together from your country or from other parts of the world.

Morocco For Travel services

    • Holiday Trips
    • Day Tours
    • Geologic Trips
    • Airport pick up / drop off
    • Sightseeing
    • Camel ride
    • Hiking
    • Trekking
    • Sand boarding
    • Berber wedding
    • Visit local cooperatives

What’s new with Morocco for Travel?

With the aim of innovation, Morocco for Travel adopts new models of tourism, a combination of regular tours and new travel options that will enlarge our profession repertoire as authorized tour operator and meet the expectations of our diverse clients.
Coupled with camel treks across sand dunes, and visits to imperial medinas, souks, and waterfalls, our company offers flexible options for discovery tours such as long trips, immersion within a Moroccan family, and scientific or cultural/anthropological discoveries.

Customized short-term trips and long-term journeys are suggested for people seeking real adventures and expeditions. For instance, in your trips to discover Atlas Mountains and small villages, you can  immerse yourself within a Berber family to learn Amazigh language and culture. At the same time, you can go climbing/hiking, learn how to weave rugs and shepherd goats, camels and sheep as you can get yourself involved in some sorts of civic engagement and voluntary activities.

Morocco for Travel, Morocco for tourism innovation, an authorized and experienced travel operator in Morocco, offers a myriad of travel options forshort-term excursions and long-term journeys. This is your guide to an unforgettable and mysterious travel experience in Morocco. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us