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We had no idea what we signed up for

This was the most amazing experience of my life. My friend and I booked our trip with Morocco For Travel having no real idea what we were getting into. Desert? Camels? Tour guide? Sounds good enough. We were in for a huge surprise. The whole trip was well orchestrated and something we will never forget.

We were picked up at our hostel right on time as promised and taken on a tour to different sights of Morocco on our way to the ultimate goal – the desert. Youssef was our driver and conveniently our age. It was a blast because he was just as interested in our culture as we were in his. We learned more in a few days than I ever would have any other way. The views of the country and the desert environment need to be experienced first hand and the Berber people are excited to share their culture in the most authentic way they can, so take advantage!

It was my friend and I (two American girls) on the trip and I recommend it for friends, families, couples, solo travelers and all of the above. Morocco For Travel will cater to what you are looking for and provide you with unique memories you won’t find elsewhere.

P.S. always ask for Moroccan Mint Tea whenever you have the chance – its wonderful.

Anna, USA

Visited September 2016

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