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A Culture Exchange

My friend had booked the 4 of us with Morocco For Travel so we didn’t really know what to expect. We enquired quite a number of tours. However, Morocco For Travel allowed us to customise our itinerary at a reasonable price.

Youssef was our guide throughout. His first impression was great as he picked us up from our first hotel right on schedule. The Toyota Prado car was new and clean, until we messed it up with all the sand from the desert. As the days went by, we learnt a lot more of Morocco from him and vice versa.

He ensured we were safe and comfortable throughout. He also made it bearable with all the chats and laughters exchanged between us. He always had tips on how to be safe walking around the different cities. He became like a brother to us.

Youssef is definitely someone who was willing to learn much on others’ cultures and languages. He shared with us of his humble family beginnings and showed us what life was like for them back then. He is a happy-go-lucky guy and i don’t remember him denying our requests at any point of our stay in Morocco.

The only down side to our trip was missing out on Essaouira as we couldn’t spare that extra day due to work. However, it was a small glitch compared to what Youssef had brought us to see.

Lovely country told by a fantastic and honest guide.
The desert tour was definitely the highlight of the trip.
I can go on writing all the great stuff about Morocco.
But you have to be there to witness it yourself.
And what better way to do it than with Morocco For Travel.
Thank you once again Youssef.
Till we meet again brother.

professoriris, Singapour

Visited March 2017

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