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Morocco For Travel testimonials



A Culture Exchange

My friend had booked the 4 of us with Morocco For Travel so we didn’t really know what to expect. We enquired quite a number of tours. However, Morocco For Travel allowed us to customise our itinerary at a reasonable price.

Youssef was our guide throughout. His first impression was great as he picked us up from our first hotel right on schedule. The Toyota Prado car was new and clean, until we messed it up with all the sand from the desert. As the days went by, we learnt a lot more of Morocco from him and vice versa.

He ensured we were safe and comfortable throughout. He also made it bearable with all the chats and laughters exchanged between us. He always had tips on how to be safe walking around the different cities. He became like a brother to us.

Youssef is definitely someone who was willing to learn much on others’ cultures and languages. He shared with us of his humble family beginnings and showed us what life was like for them back then. He is a happy-go-lucky guy and i don’t remember him denying our requests at any point of our stay in Morocco.

The only down side to our trip was missing out on Essaouira as we couldn’t spare that extra day due to work. However, it was a small glitch compared to what Youssef had brought us to see.

Lovely country told by a fantastic and honest guide.
The desert tour was definitely the highlight of the trip.
I can go on writing all the great stuff about Morocco.
But you have to be there to witness it yourself.
And what better way to do it than with Morocco For Travel.
Thank you once again Youssef.
Till we meet again brother.

professoriris, Singapour

Visited March 2017


Wer den ultimativen Marokkotrip sucht

dann ab in die Wüste, in die scheinbar grenzenlosen Weiten im Süden und Südosten Marokkos – unter kundiger Organisation und Führung. Ich denke gern an die vielen Trips zurück, die ich mit diesen Jungs, manchmal auch quer durchs Land, meist aber in die Steinwüsten im Süden und Südosten Marokkos, unternommen habe. Es war alles dabei: Hitze, Regen, Kälte und Sturm. Zusammen haben wir allem getrotzt; allein wäre man in dieser oft grandiosen Natur nicht fertig geworden. Einmal wurde uns irgendwo im Nirgendwo unter primitivsten Bedingungen frisches Fladenbrot gebacken: im Wüstensand. Es schmeckte köstlich – ganz ohne Sand zwischen den Zähnen . Die Jungs waren unaufdringlich, herzlich, kompetent, immer ansprechbar und jederzeit zuverlässig. Ich hoffe, dass ich noch so manchen Trip mit ihnen unternehmen kann.

Dieter ,Ilsede, Germany

Visited January 2016



Knowledge of fossil and mineral localities

Morocco For Travel have organised a number of trips into the desert for me and they have always been very reliable and highly professional. They are experienced in arranging complete packages from hiring of vehicles, buying and preparing food on desert trips to booking hotels. Working as they do in the fossil and mineral trade they know the fossil localities and the important mines well. I would certainly recommend them.

Robert, London, United Kingdom

Visited March 2016


“scrupulously honest, generous, fair, friendly, and very reliable”

I have known Hammi and Ammar Ait H’Ssaine and their families for well over 20 years (also their younger brother Mohammed, but I have not seen him as often). I have traveled in Morocco with Hammi as a guide and friend numerous times (I have lost count, but it is more than 10 times, and usually was for more than a month at a time). I met Hammi through mutual friend (Brian Eberhardie of Moussa Minerals). I have spent numerous weeks in Hammi’s company, traveling and doing fieldwork, over most of Morocco (mainly the Anti-Atlas, but all regions except southwestern Morocco, the part that used to be Spanish).

In all of my dealings with the Ait H’Ssaine family I have found them to be scrupulously honest, generous, fair, friendly, and very reliable. If Hammi says he will meet your plane at Casablanca, Marrakech, or Erfoud at 2 am, he will be there waiting for you with a charming smile to take you to your hotel, and then meet you for breakfast the next morning. If you ask him for advice, he will give you sensible advice (but will not give you unnecessary advice). He has never let me down. Hammi has traveled extensively outside Morocco and he has visited me in Canada, and I have met him (and Ammar) several times at fossil/mineral shows outside Morocco (Tucson and Sainte Marie-aux-Mines). They appear at home wherever they are. Hammi’s spoken English is excellent (I talk very fast when I am excited, and Hammi always seems to be able to follow what I am saying, so I would rate him as fluent in spoken English).

Of course Hammi can speak French, Arabic and Berber fluently. I know that Hammi has traveled to Germany and Spain a number of times, but I am not sure of how good his German and Spanish are (probably better than mine). Hammi and Ammar are friendly, cheerful men. I have never seen them angry or rude, despite the sort of trials and tribulations that are commonplace in fieldwork, particularly when the temperature climbs and you are far from the main road. My long association with Hammi and Ammar (and their younger brother Mohammed), and a number of their friends, has made me very fond of Moroccans, and I feel contented and comfortable with them and in their lovely country. I can recommend them and their close friends to anyone, without reservation.

In this paragraph, I list briefly a few of Hammi and Ammar’s unusual skills and areas of expertise: world class preparators of fossils (particularly trilobites, using airbrasive and/or mechanical techniques); unparalleled knowledge of Moroccan trilobites and trilobite localities, particularly of the Anti-Atlas and peri-Sahara regions; travel in town or desert in Morocco (excellent drivers on road or desert); navigating off-road (on-road is mostly fairly easy in Morocco, except for some of the cities which can be ‘exciting’ when hundreds of bicycles and motorcycles are charging you, going the wrong way); expediters on trips (they know what to buy, where to buy it, and how to cook); and they seem to have friends all over Morocco, so can often find you good places to stay at reasonable rates and interesting places and/or people to visit.

Dr. Brian Chatterton, Emeritus Professor, University of Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Brian Chatterton

Gracias amigos de Morocco For Travel

Gracias amigos de ‘Morocco for travel’ por hacer de mi viaje un recuerdo imborrable. Gracias por los formidables servicios prestados. Hermosos paisajes..fantásticos hoteles y riads que se han sumado a la calidez y amabilidad de su gente. Prometo que volveré , y siempre con ustedes , mis nuevos amigos, seguiré descubriendo el encanto y la magia de tan maravilloso país. GRACIAS !!!!!

Mirtha Bordenave, Argentina

Visited May 2016

Mirtha Bordenave




Visited November 2015


The beauty of the Moroccan desert, presented by those who know it best!

I have been to Morocco three times so far and relied on these folks on every single journey. The last trip led us to the far South of the country with its amazing landscape and fantastic cultural heritage. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and at the same time feel 100% safe when going to the desert, then these are the guys to entrust yourself to. Besides: They do speak several languages! 🙂

Reliabilty is the thing I cherish most when it comes to someone organizing my journeys and hikes and reliability is what I get. A definite recommendation!

Michael, Germany

Visited June 2015

“I would recommend Morocco for Travel and Morocco to anybody”

I am an American who does not speak any languages besides English and who wanted to experience Moroccan culture and came across (Morocco for Travel) through a friend. I I went on a two week tour five years ago.

Ever since then, I have been hooked and book a trip every year with Morocco For Travel. Every detail is handled and they are willing to accommodate any of my needs. You will truly get a genuine experience that can not be replicated on a tour bus or packaged tour.

They are very reliable and will customize the trip to your own personal needs. During my trips, I have had to see a dentist, fly home early, change my plans many times. All these issues were handled with ease by the staff.

I would recommend Morocco for Travel and Morocco to anybody.

Matt Phillips, USA

COO of Commonwealth Laminating

Amateur Geologist

Matt Phillips

We had no idea what we signed up for

This was the most amazing experience of my life. My friend and I booked our trip with Morocco For Travel having no real idea what we were getting into. Desert? Camels? Tour guide? Sounds good enough. We were in for a huge surprise. The whole trip was well orchestrated and something we will never forget.

We were picked up at our hostel right on time as promised and taken on a tour to different sights of Morocco on our way to the ultimate goal – the desert. Youssef was our driver and conveniently our age. It was a blast because he was just as interested in our culture as we were in his. We learned more in a few days than I ever would have any other way. The views of the country and the desert environment need to be experienced first hand and the Berber people are excited to share their culture in the most authentic way they can, so take advantage!

It was my friend and I (two American girls) on the trip and I recommend it for friends, families, couples, solo travelers and all of the above. Morocco For Travel will cater to what you are looking for and provide you with unique memories you won’t find elsewhere.

P.S. always ask for Moroccan Mint Tea whenever you have the chance – its wonderful.

Anna, USA

Visited September 2016